Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Celebration with DronaIndia - Idols & Figurines, Sculptures and Gifts boxes, Musical Instruments

Religious Idols Statues

Religion & Spirituality or Hindu God statues and sculptures add to the well being of one's house and is also a great source of decoration. They are usually priced as per the material and craftsmanship. Some of the most popular god statues include goddess Lakshmi statue, Ram Statues, Vishnu statues, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, Goddess Durga etc. Out of these Lord Ganesha's statue is one the most popular and common sculpture which could be found in almost all Hindu Homes.

Brass, a perfect union of copper and zinc, is used since 500 BC. Our exquisite collection of brass statues captures the eternal, ethereal beauty of brass in timeless pieces of art. An art form that can enhance the ornate allure of interiors be it home, office or just about any place. No tastefully done interior is complete without a brass statue or sculpture. Connoisseurs place brass artwork in all together a different bracket, defined by no other art form. These religious statues are perfect imitation of our artisans skill.

Indian artisans make various types of brass artifacts, acclaimed as much for their beauty and strength of form as their utility. Highly skilled artisans, put in their greatest devotion to render- fine quality, impeccable finish and a graceful persona to the sculptures.

Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery box is an essential component of a woman's make up kit. Jewelry box for every day use. Keep your small jewelry items like earrings, rings, toe rings safe and secure in this box. The usual shape is rectangular, but the box sometimes square too. These jewellery boxes are also used to keep valuables in, and are some times beautifully painted, carved or inlaid with motifs. These jewellery boxes are Made is natural wood, this box is durable and will last for many years. A variety of floral patterns, human figures, and architectural boat and cart motifs have been used to embellish Jewellery boxes, employing the techniques of enamel painting, repousse or engraving, and golden wire inlay work. Next time when you make a Jewellery gift to your near and dear ones, put the Jewellery in these Jewellery boxes. You would have made a memorable gift. When you want to make simple and symbolic gifts to your friends and family, this DronaIndia box may be just the right gift.

Musical Instruments

India has a great musical history with records of ancient musical instruments found in revered Hindu religious.


Chande, Chenda, Damaru/Drum, Dholak, Edakka, Ghatam, Khanjira, Khol, Mizhav, Morsing, Mridangam, Nagada, Pakhavaj, Parai, Sambal, Tabla, Tavil


 Ektara, Electronic tanpura, Dilruba/Esraj, Gottuvadhyam, Mohan veena, Pena, Rudra veena, Santoor, Sarangi, Saraswati veena, Sarinda, Sarod, Seni rebab, Sitar, Surbahar, Tanpura, Taus, Veena, Yazh


Bansuri/Flute, Harmonium, Kombu, Nadaswaram, Pungi, Shankha, Shehnai, Shruti box, Venu 

Singing Bowl

Singing bowl in brass metal produces sounds which invokes a deep state of relaxation, this naturally assists one in entering into meditation. These are a quintessential aid to meditation, and can be found on private Buddhist altars, in temples, monasteries and meditation halls throughout the world. Each bowl comes with a colorful cushion and a stick. This oriental artistic looking singing bowl helps you decorate sacred parts of your home in Buddhist way. And when you are in the mood, just play on this bowl to achieve much needed serenity. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Shri Vishnu

Shri Vishnu
Shri Vishnu
Vishnu (/ˈvɪʃnuː/; Sanskrit: विष्णु, Viṣṇu) is a Hindu god, the Supreme God of Vaishnavism (one of the three principal denominations of Hinduism) and one of the three supreme deities (Trimurti) of Hinduism. He is also known as Narayana and Hari. As one of the five primary forms of God in the Smarta tradition, he is conceived as "the Preserver or the Protector" within the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the divinity.

The peace-loving deity of the Hindu Trinity, Vishnu is the Preserver or Sustainer of life with his steadfast principles of order, righteousness and truth. When these values are under threat, Vishnu emerges out of his transcendence to restore peace and order on earth.

Avatars of Vishnu appeared in the world either to correct some great evil or to effect some great good on earth. These avatars are ten in number, however, the Bhag wad Purana increases them to twenty two and adds further that are innumerable.

The preserver god of the Trinity has four hands. The first holds a conch shell (sankha) indicating spread of the divine sound "Om"; one holds a discus (chakra), a reminder of the wheel of time, and to lead a good life; one holds a lotus (Padma) which is an example of glorious existence and the fourth hands holds a mace (gada) indicating the power and the punishing capacity of the Lord if discipline in life is ignored.