Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Handmade Cotton Skirt in Lehriya Print

Skirts are always a key player in your wardrobe so update with our collection.

These skirts are part of Indian culture also. They are known by different names their style also differ from one another like ghagra style,  Lehriya style and so on.

Most of these are made of cotton so you can wear it in summer or spring season as they have airy feel.

These skirts are suitable to wear on all sorts of occasions. Moreover if you wear matching scarves or tops it just add up to the grace. You can also gift it your loved one to add something new and colourful in their wardrobe by choosing from variety provided by DronaIndia.

Handmade Cotton Lehariya Print, Elasticated Long String Skirt from India
This skirt is a stylish appeal of the wearer to improve the appearance and provide a cool and comfortable feeling and adds classiness to your personality and attire. This fabulous, very comfortable long skirt is made of soft cotton fabric & Cool look incredible. Rajasthan Art is hand crafted, these skirts are each a unique finish. Good for any occasion.