Saturday, 26 April 2014

Rajasthan Kathputli Handmade

 Kathputli is a join of two rajasthani language words Kath meaning wood and Putli meaning a doll which has no life . Kathputli means a puppet which is made entirely from wood. However it is made out of wood, cotton cloth and thread. The tribes of Rajasthan have been performing this art from the ancient times and it has become an eternal part of Rajasthani culture and tradition. No village fair, no religious festival and no social gathering in Rajasthan can be complete without the Kathputlis. Historically, these puppets were not only a source of entertainment, but also provided moral and social education. The shows tackled problems like the dowry system, women's empowerment, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, and cleanliness. These puppet shows made people aware of the social problems that everybody was facing and also showed ways of solving them. Rajasthan puppets have their own unique speciality. Regional styles of painting and sculpture are reflected in them. Also can keep these at your home to give your drawing room a traditional look. You can hang them on your walls.

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