Friday, 24 January 2014

Woodwind Musical Instrument Snake Charmer Flute Been

Indian snake charmer flute or been also known as pungi in various part of India. Originally developed as an Indian folk music instrument for religious purposes, it is also be used in street performances by snake charmers in India. The pungi or been is traditionally made from a bottle shaped dried gourd, but being a much delegated or easily breakable material, it is made from coconut balls also for durability.
Woodwind Musical Instrument Snake Charmer Flute Been
Been is a flute like wind instrument with one input and two output reeds or pipes made of bamboo or wood. One of the pipes has seven holes to generate melodious sounds; the other pipe is for drone. The pipes are fitted to the gourd or coconut ball with beeswax, which can be adjusted for pitch modification. Perhaps being an Indian musical instrument, it is also can be used as home décor or wall décor object for ones' drawing-room.

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